Samsung QE85QN90C

Experience stunning detail in both dark and bright scenes with Quantum Mini LEDs that precisely tune light.

Fast Smart TV that upgrades picture quality to 4K

The powerful processor ensures you always experience the power of 4K with 4K AI upscaling. Images are automatically enhanced regardless of the original content.

Minimal reflections and therefore less unwanted distractions

Watch your favorite content with fewer distractions thanks to the anti-glare coating that reduces reflection.

3D sound experience

Samsung's top channel speakers and Dolby Atmos combine to deliver a stunning sound experience. Get immersed in the action through the multidimensional sound.

A combination of stunning clarity and vibrant colors

Immerse yourself in a vibrant color experience with dynamic customizable scenes in 4K resolution with the Neo Quantum HDR+.

Depth tailored to the viewer's eyes

Real Depth Enhancer mirrors the way human eyes process depth by increasing foreground contrast for a realistic, 3D-like image.

Authentic color screen validated by PANTONE

This is the world's first TV validated by PANTONE: a recognized seal of approval for color fidelity. Enjoy a more accurate picture and a comfortable viewing experience.

Smart picture for an optimal viewing experience

Brightness and colors of your picture display are automatically adjusted and corrected at sunrise and sunset, making it easier for you to relax.

Enjoy HDR image quality even with SDR content

Convert SDR content into HDR image quality using deep learning algorithms that provide brighter tones, clearer details and more vivid colors.

Exceptional gaming experience with 4K 144Hz

Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro with innovative 4K 144Hz ensures the very best performance with unprecedented sharp visuals and fast speeds.

Dynamic sound that follows the action

Built-in speakers deliver vivid, realistic 3D sound and make you feel like you're surrounded by the action.

TV and soundbar in perfect harmony

Thanks to Q-Symphony, the TV and Soundbar speakers can be used simultaneously for more harmonious sound without having to mute the TV speakers.

Elegant profile with a modern, slim silhouette

The elegant, ultra-slim and sleek design looks beautiful from all angles and looks like a work of art.

All your favorite content in one place

Take advantage of optimized navigation: your favorite movies, games and TV shows are now found even faster, so you can enjoy them for longer.


Relax and let SmartThings seamlessly connect to, monitor and control all your smart devices to intuitively control your home via a built-in hub.

Enjoy your favorite NFTs on the big screen

The world's first NFT collection platform is integrated into your TV. Easily browse and shop with the very best picture, all in the comfort of your own home.