Samsung QE75LST7TG

Samsung's indoor TVs deliver unprecedented picture quality. Thanks to 4K QLED and a maximum brightness of 2000 nits, you can now enjoy the fantastic picture quality and enhanced viewing experience outdoors.

Built-in Smart TV

With The Terrace, enjoying your favorite content is even easier and smarter. Control your TV with your voice and dive into a whole world of content with a click. The Terrace gives you all the features for a simple and very enjoyable viewing experience.

Weatherproof (IP55 rated)

The Terrace offers you outdoor entertainment all year round. It has an IP55 rating for weather resistance and provides protection from the elements, such as humidity, dust and heat. So you can use The Terrace worry-free in all seasons.


The Terrace features Color Volume 100% technology. This ensures rich and accurate 4K QLED color quality in every scene, even in sunlight. The impressive, high motion speed prevents blur between fast-paced images and provides a smooth viewing experience during gaming, sports games, movies and more.


The Terrace features impressive anti-glare technology. This significantly reduces TV reflection and glare and improves image contrast levels. You can now enjoy your content outside even on sunny days.

Direct Full Array 16x

The precisely adjusted backlight intelligently adjusts for richer blacks. Prepare for razor-sharp details with unmatched contrast.

4K AI Upscaling

4K AI upscaling uses Samsung's powerful Quantum Processor and automatically analyzes the input source to reduce noise in the image, recover lost details and sharpen edges around objects and text. Now you always get 4K-resolution images and sound.

Adaptive Picture

Adaptive Picture actively adjusts to the viewing environment and adjusts brightness accordingly. Enjoy perfect images no matter the time of day or the content you're watching.

HDR 32x

Quantum HDR 32x introduces you to amazing sharpness and clarity. Enjoy rich, lifelike colors and deep contrast with razor-sharp details. HDR10+'s Dynamic Tone Mapping adjusts color and contrast on a scene-by-scene basis, making even the smallest nuances perfectly visible.

Tap View

For synchronous playback of movies or music from your smartphone to your TV, all you have to do is tap once. When you tap TV on your smartphone, the TV automatically provides synchronous playback. So you can quickly and easily switch to the TV and continue watching your favorite content on it.

Multi View

Multi View splits your TV screen in two, putting the content you are watching on one side and providing a synchronous view of your cell phone's screen on the other. That way you don't have to look up from your TV to watch your phone.

AirPlay 2

With integrated AirPlay 2, you can effortlessly play movies, shows, music and photos on The Terrace directly from your iPhone, iPad or Mac.


Watch a movie on your smartphone on the way home and switch to your Samsung TV when you get home. Whether you have an Android or iOS phone, the SmartThings app makes it easy to connect and enjoy right away.

HD Base-T Receiver included

You no longer need to purchase a separate HDBase-T receiver to connect your external devices because The Terrace comes with an integrated receiver. All you have to do is plug in the cable. The integrated media compartment supports media sticks and protects against snow, rain and dust.

Wi-Fi connection on the TV

Enjoy a seamless outdoor TV experience with wireless connectivity to your favorite content providers, as well as cell phones, soundbars and other compatible devices.

Bluetooth® TV connection.

Pair your smartphone or external speaker with The Terrace for a comprehensive outdoor TV and music experience.

IP56 remote control

Connect your external devices to The Terrace and control your outdoor TV experience with OneRemote. Your OneRemote is more than just a powerful, convenient remote control. It also features an IP56 weather rating for all-weather protection, including rain, moisture, dust and heat.

One Remote Control / SmartThings App / Smart Hub

Watch your favorite movies and series on The Terrace at lightning speed. With One Remote control and the SmartThings App, you can always have easy access to your peripherals. You can also use the Smart Hub to easily search for entertainment on the web and discover great apps.