Samsung QE55S95C

Samsung's innovative OLED screen offers deep blacks, bright whites and an extensive color palette thanks to its state-of-the-art and self-illuminating pixels based on Quantum Dot.

Enjoy an unprecedented bright and stunning image

Experience the power of 4K with stunning 4K image quality thanks to 20 different neural networks.

Minimalist splendor

This stunning Infinity One Design has an exceptionally slim profile and takes your viewing experience to the next level.

Dolby Atmos with top channel speakers

The top channel speakers drag viewers into the action through multidimensional sound.

Extremely powerful and expansive contrast

A brilliant viewing experience with active pixels that provide brighter light colors and deeper dark colors.

Authentic color screen validated by PANTONE

This is the world's first TV validated by PANTONE: a recognized seal of approval for color fidelity. Enjoy a more accurate picture and a comfortable viewing experience.

Depth tailored to the viewer's eyes

Real Depth Enhancer increases foreground contrast by mimicking the focus of the human eye.

Intelligent brightness optimized for ultimate viewing comfort

Eye Comfort Mode automatically adjusts and corrects the brightness and colors of your picture display at sunrise and sunset, making it easier to relax.

True image quality experts connect the dots

Enjoy beautiful images at home with professionally and accurately calibrated colors.

A minimalist solution and showpiece in one

With Attachable One Connect, no matter where you place your TV, you'll never have to worry about trailing cables again.

Exceptional motion enhancements in 4K 144Hz

Motion enhancements of up to 4K 144Hz ensure an extremely smooth experience while gaming.

Shock-free HDR gaming with low latency without jitter or choppiness

Certified for AMD FreeSync™ Premium Pro. So you are guaranteed a smooth gaming experience with true HDR image quality.

Lighting to take your viewing experience to the next level

Enjoy a more immersive viewing experience with smart lights that automatically sync with all the content you watch on TV.

Dynamic sound that follows the action from all angles

Experience vividly realistic 3D audio with built-in speakers that put you right in the middle of the action.

TV and soundbar in perfect harmony

Thanks to Q-Symphony, the TV and Soundbar speakers can be used simultaneously for more harmonious sound without having to mute the TV speakers.

All your favorite content in one place

Benefit from optimized navigation: your favorite movies, games and TV shows are now found even faster, so you can enjoy them longer.

Your own private butler

SmartThings seamlessly connects and controls all your smart home devices through an integrated hub.