NAD T 758 V3i

Enjoy the versatile NAD T758 V3i 4K UHD multiroom A/V receiver to get the most out of movies, TV series and the musical creations of your favorite bands. This Dolby Atmos and DTS:X certified A/V receiver is the successor to the much acclaimed T758 V3 receiver and with this V3i successor NAD continues its 'simple is better' design philosophy. This philosophy is reflected in the design, the applied technology and above all in the conservative specifications.

While developing this minimalist styled A/V Surround Sound, NAD has used all its skills and knowledge to accomplish an astonishing multimedia experience. The techies at NAD did’t choose to promote this receiver with high-spec features and things that only matter on paper. Instead, the manufacturer has managed to further improve what you as a user experience the most; the sound quality. The result is a receiver that still looks deliciously minimalistic, is extremely easy to operate and above all performs superbly.

Full Disclosure Power

Instead of specifying a maximum output power to 1 channel, NAD chooses a different approach. According to the manufacturer this NAD T758 V3i delivers a continuous output power of 60 Watt per channel at 8 Ohms. Real watts, where all 7 channels are driven at the same time. NAD calls this Full Disclosure Power. With a dynamic power of 137 Watt at 8 Ohms and 243 Watt at 4 Ohms you can drive virtually any hi-fi loudspeaker.


Of course, NAD applied its BluOS multiroom streaming platform to this A/V receiver. Tune in with BluOS to one of the many tens of thousands of free Internet radio stations or stream music from your NAS, a USB drive or through one of the many online music services. BluOS supports FLAC, WAV and AIFF files up to a highres resolution of 24bits and 192kHz. Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) files and streams are also supported.


The easy to operate BluOS Controller App for smartphone, tablet and laptop enables you to control the receiver form anywhere in the house. With this app you can also group other BluOS players and wireless speakers in the house in no time. NAD has equipped this A/V receiver with Apple AirPlay 2 which makes streaming music from your iOS device easier than before.

Modular Design Construction

Nothing is subject to as much change as the audiovisual industry. A lot of the technology in which you invest your save euros today is already outdated tomorrow. NAD has found an effective solution for this and has designed this amplifier in a modular way. Due to the Modular Design Construction (MDC) you can easily expand the receiver with an MDC module containing new technology and/or functionality. This is a particularly interesting option if you integrated this A/V receiver into an advanced control system using its RS-232 control port.

Dirac Live

NAD has fitted this receiver with Dirac Live room correction, which automatically corrects the shortcomings in the listening environment. With Dirac, the receiver measures the room with a sensitive measuring microphone and corrects various parameters that effectively solve timing problems, acoustics challenges and undesired sound colorations. No matter where or how you live, with this NAD T758 V3i multiroom A/V receiver you'll enjoy many years of entertainment in a perfect sound quality.