MoonDrop Kato

Thanks to its excellent frequency response curve, KATO has the rare ability to restore the sound the master hears during recording. KATO is able to better display the original timbre and position of musical instruments and vocals compared to ordinary "HiFi earphones", providing you with a more open and natural listening experience.

KATO applies a modernist aesthetic design that combines light and shade, and continues these design elements from Kanas to KXXS. Thanks to the brand new MIM technology, almost all surfaces of KATO have succeeded in injecting light and shadow design, with a three-dimensional and rich layering.

KATO has been adopted with a new, independently developed 10mm ULT (Ultra-Linear-Technology) super-linear dynamic driver, developed over two years. It incorporates a more efficient compound magnetic circuit with internal and external magnets and a more linear air circulation structure, as well as a larger brass internal acoustic cavity, a lighter, extra-fine imported CCAW sound coil and a high-frequency phase wave guide.

KATO uses a replaceable design of the sound nozzles, which can be easily replaced by a quick release structure, and comes with sound nozzles made of two different materials (steel and brass). Users can not only experience the sound changes for different materials by replacing the nozzle, but also replace the blocked sound nozzle more easily.

KATO is equipped with the newly designed and developed Spring Tips, which suppress weak resonance by a special diffusion structure, and significantly reduce the high-frequency linear deformation caused by nozzle resonance, making the high-frequency timbre more natural.