Meze Mini XLR Copper PCUHD Premium Cable

  • Elite, Empyrean & Empyrean II Custom Cables
  • Braided Furukawa PCUHD Copper
  • 0.04mm*140 conductors in 8 wire to 4 wire continuous braid
  • USA-made TPE Sleeve
  • Jensen 4% Silver Soldering
  • Oxygen-Free Copper Purity is 99.99% (5 ppm or less)
  • 4-pin mini-XLR Headphone Termination

Manufactured using state of the art High-Purity Oxygen-Free Copper wire the Japanese Furukawa PCUHD stand for Pure Copper Ultra High Drawability.

By combining a molding process that uses no heat resistant materials with post-processing free from hot extrusion or rolling processes, the product can be mass-produced in a way that excludes inclusions and impurities. While the product is a 4N grade material (copper purity 99.99%), it possesses high malleability and drawability that allows processing up to superfine wires.

Oxygen is one of the most common impurities in copper products. For this reason, no gas burners are used during the manufacturing processes and the insides of the equipment are filled with noble gases. Through these methods they have succeeded in controlling oxygen to 5 ppm, which is below the standard required for oxygen-free copper.