Marantz PM6007

This Marantz PM6007 Hi-Fi stereo amplifier delivers an output power of 2x 45 watts at 8 ohms, providing enough power to drive most modern loudspeakers. The build quality of this Hi-Fi amplifier is excellent. Marantz has used high-quality audio components throughout the amplifier, a dedicated power supply for the various amplifier sections and 20% larger capacitors. As a result, this amplifier delivers a most sophisticated sound quality and remains perfectly stable while playing dynamic passages at higher volumes.

Functionality and connectivity

The amplifier is equipped with a tone control, balance control, and a source direct circuit that disables the entire control circuit for the best possible sound quality. The amplifier is fitted with four analog line inputs, a dedicated phono input, one coaxial and two optical digital inputs. The amplifier also features two filter settings to tune the sound of digital sources to your personal taste. If you want to connect a tape or cassette recorder to the amplifier, use the analog line output for recording purposes. Connect up to two groups of speakers to the amplifier, so you can either control different speakers or speakers in different rooms.

Analog perfection

For many years Marantz has been using HDAM modules for analog signal processing. These are discretely built output buffers replace the commonly used but often less performing opamps. By applying one HDAM module per channel, Marantz creates a symmetrical line stage with low noise and high channel separation. HDAM modules have a higher slew-rate and a better signal-to-noise ratio than conventional DIL8 or SOT23-8 opamps. With the latest generation HDAM-SA3 modules, this Marantz stereo amplifier delivers an impressive sound quality and underlines why these HDAM modules enjoy a worldwide popularity for so many years.

High build quality

The PM6007 is equipped with a high-grade AKM AK4490 DAC that offers a maximum resolution of 24bits and 192kHz. This type of DAC is widely used in the audio industry for highend digital sources and DACs. The entire DAC section is perfectly shielded so that EMI and RFI have no effect on the sound quality. Combined with the highly acclaimed and also shielded HDAM SA3 modules, this amplifier delivers a most detailed music reproduction with liveliness and finesse. This stereo amplifier features a premium MM phono preamp with a FET input stage and a signal path without coupling capacitors for a perfect sound quality of your vinyl collection.

Awards & Reviews

Awarded by What Hi-Fi with a prestigieus 5 star score. Verdict What Hi-Fi: "Clearer and punchier than its Award-winning predecessor, Marantz’s latest entry-level amplifier never puts the formidable 6000 Series dynasty in doubt". Please find the full review here.