Marantz MODEL 50

MODEL 50 is the ideal integrated amplifier. With 70 watts per channel of unique Marantz Current Feedback power and HDAM SA-3 circuitry, MODEL 50 drives speakers in a fully controlled manner.

High power yet precise

With a precisely engineered Class-A/B amplifier, MODEL 50 drives your speakers with authority and you'll hear details you didn't know existed.

Analog purity and simplicity

Analog was at the forefront of MODEL 50's design. Because digital sound was deliberately not chosen, operation is completely intuitive and there is no risk of interference from complex digital circuitry.

Exquisite style

We have designed MODEL 50 to be modern and timeless in every way. Characteristic design aspects such as symmetry, a warm look and tactile feedback push the boundaries of audio equipment design and pay homage to previous iconic products.


  • Powerful And Precise Class-A/B Amplifier - The dual power amplifier in MODEL 50 can also handle heavy speakers with ease.
  • Six Analog Inputs - With its analog inputs, including upgraded CD and phono inputs, MODEL 50 is suitable for all kinds of source components.
  • MM Phono - The perfectly tuned built-in Moving Magnet phono stage lets you hear details in your vinyl you've never heard before.
  • Stereo Preamp Output - MODEL 50 grows with you. The stereo preamp outputs optimize the separate HDAM design with external amplification.