Legamaster DISCOVER 2 professional display DIS-7510

The Legamaster DISCOVER line of professional displays offers a cost-effective solution for upgrading presentations in both corporate and educational environments.

Available from 43 to 98 inches, DISCOVER displays are specifically designed for medium to large meeting rooms or classrooms.

Pre-installed are a web browser, media player and document reader that provide basic functionality without connected external devices.

A simple and local narrow casting app is pre-installed on the device and provides basic public information display functionality, but it also has an app for centralized content display management using an external service that provides scalable content display control.

An integrated tiling tool provides support for a 3x3 video wall solution without the need to purchase additional hardware.

Connect the DISCOVER display to an external device such as AirServer Connect or an OPS computer with video conferencing camera for a complete presentation solution.


  • Free OTA updates
  • Landscape/Portrait support
  • Haze level 25%
  • Integrated video wall tool up to 3x3
  • Integrated rotation sensor
  • Compatible with E-Share Casting solution
  • Android 11
  • USB-C (65W + DP 1.2)
  • 1x HDMI Output
  • 3x HDMI Inputs
  • OPS Slot