iFi Audio ZEN Stream

The ZEN Stream is the long-awaited addition to iFi Audio's popular and much-acclaimed ZEN series. This compact designed network player fits optically perfectly with the current ZEN line-up and meets the same design criteria that made the existing ZEN series so popular among music enthusiasts world-wide.

With this iFi Audio ZEN Stream you acquire a high-quality streaming device with which you can stream from any audio source in the best possible sound quality. This ZEN Stream finds a perfect match with the best-selling iFi Audio ZEN DAC. Connect the network player by USB and enjoy DSD and PCM streams in excellent sound quality. If you own an amplifier with a built-in DAC, you can connect the ZEN Stream by both USB and coaxial S/PDIF.

Simply the best

Besides the digital outputs, the streamer is equipped with an RJ45 LAN connection and dual-band Wi-Fi. The player supports DLNA streaming and is NAA compatible. With Spotify Connect and Tidal Connect you can stream directly from the Spotify and Tidal smartphone app. Moreover, the ZEN Stream is equipped with Apple Airplay for optimal use with iOS.

Future-proof design

Thanks to the powerful 64-bit quad-core ARM processor and the open architecture, this ZEN Stream is designed to be future-proof. Unique to the ZEN streamer is that it is provided with 'Exclusive Mode Selection'. This allows the user to pre-set the desired streaming method (e.g. DLNA, NAA, Roon, Tidal) with a rotary switch on the back of the device, which will only allow the streamer to play a particular stream in the best possible sound quality. This is, certainly in this price range, a unique feature.

Sound quality comes first

Soft- and hardware are completely custom-built, and the streaming platform is provided with a Femto precision GMT clock which eliminates any chance of jitter. The streaming bridge, like most other iFI products, comes with Active Noise Cancellation II and iPurifier technologies for the USB and S/PDIF interfaces. It's no coincidence that these most affordable ZEN components are most popular among music enthusiasts worldwide.