iFi Audio ZEN Air DAC

With ZEN Air DAC iFi Audio provides you with a beautiful D/A-converter and headphone amplifier for home application. This ZEN Air is developed using technology from the popular ZEN DAC series and is carefully adapted to be available for an even larger group of music enthusiasts. Most importantly, no compromises are made on ease of use or sound quality.

Why ZEN Air?

In this price range usually a digital volume control is implemented. Especially at lower sound volumes, a larger part of the original resolution is lost in the process. Because this is audible to most people, iFi Audio has provided the audio circuit with a relatively expensive analog volume control that allows the ZEN Air DAC to always playback your music in the highest resolution possible.

In contrast to the more expensive ZEN DAC, the ZEN Air DAC features a high-grade plastic casing. The iconic ZEN design remains. Because many music enthusiasts do not use the relatively expensive fully balanced technology, iFi Audio opted for a high-quality single-ended audio circuit. Most importantly, in this ZEN Air iFi Audio uses the same high-quality semiconductors as applied in the top series. With this ZEN Air you will not spend too much for technology you won't use anyway.

ZEN Air, the DAC of your dreams

IfI Audio has equipped the ZEN Air DAC with a high-quality bit-perfect Burr-Brown DAC-chip. These DACs are most popular due to their musical sound quality. The maximum resolution is 32bit-384kHz in PCM. DSD is natively supported up to DSD256 and ZEN Air DAC is also suitable for MQA playback. with a Tidal Hi-Fi subscription, this ZEN Air DAC allows you to get the most out of the Tidal Master collection.

Simply hook the ZEN Air DAC up to the USB 2.0 or USB3.0 port of your PC, laptop or mobile device and connect the DAC to an analog amplifier, a set of active speakers or a pair of headphones and enjoy your playlists in significantly better sound quality than before. Totally ZEN right?