iFi iSilencer+

The iFi Audio iSilencer+ actively filters electrical noise from the power supply of your computer, laptop or any other digital USB source in the audio chain. This noise is mainly caused by EMI and RFI. This results in a less accurate transfer of digital data streams and this is very much noticeable in USB audio application. You will notice this mainly by an increase in distortion, a sharper sound, unstable imaging and sometimes even with annoying creaks or pops.

Well balanced sound quality

iFi tackles this ‘pollution’ with its much-praised Active Noise Control II technology, which has been successfully applied in its mains power products for several years. This technology works similar as noise cancelling in headphones. With this ANC II iFi is able to reduce the noise level in excess of 40dB which corresponds to a reduction over 100 times! Furthermore, iFi’s REbalance technology ensures that jitter and packet errors are prevented.

This iSilencer+ is perfect for a high-quality USB connection between your computer and USB-DAC/headphone amplifier or high quality HiFi streamer and external USB DAC. Easily integrate the iSilencer+ into the USB chain and instantly notice a substantial increase in bass quality, more transparency and more warmth in music playback.