HiFiMAN Edition XS

The HiFiMAN Edition XS are premium over-ear open-back magnetostatic headphones. This Edition XS is the successor to the much acclaimed and most popular HiFiMAN Edition X that was introduced back in 2015. Compared to the previous model, the Edition XS has been improved in several aspects.

The full range planar driver of the Edition XS was fitted with an all-new NEO Supernano diaphragm and the driver is equipped with powerful Stealth magnet technology. These magnets are acoustical transparent and less affected by adverse diffraction phenomenon. With new technology, you will experience your favourite soundtracks with even more control and refinement. Above all, the soundstage with this Edition XS is experienced wider and more natural than with its predecessor.

Wearing comfort

HiFiMAN Edition X already distinguished itself as most comfortable headphones. However, HiFiMAN brought the wearing comfort of this Edition XS to all new heights. Thanks to the low weight, the application of memory foam and the newly developed headband, you'll find these headphones to be extremely comfortable even during longer listening sessions.

Broadly applicable

For the best possible interchangeability with a wide variety of sound sources, these headphones are shipped with an interchangeable headphone cable. HiFiMAN made use of conventional 3.5mm jack plugs for the connection to the ear cups enabling these headphones to be combined with a wide range of headphone cables.