Final VR3000

Earphones that reproduce the acoustic space image of games and VR as the creator intended. Most earphones for games and 3D sounds are made with exaggerated low and high frequencies, emphasizing the surprise when you listen to them. However, the sound used with the video is intended to immerse you in the world of content such as the game, and you should not be surprised by the sound. We believe that in order to immerse yourself in content such as games, it is important to accurately reproduce the creator's intentions and aims contained in the sound source. VR3000 is an earphone developed based on this idea.

  • Sound creation based on acoustic engineering, psychoacoustics and special acoustics;
  • Equipped with a completely new designed driver unit;
  • A comfortable feeling while wearing as id earpieces are customized;
  • Ear hooks with locking mechanism to eliminate cable touch noises;
  • Original earpiece design with different colours on the left and right axes.