Available for pre-order, delivery expected: late June 2024

ELAC Debut ConneX DCB41 Adsum

ELAC ConneX DCB41-Adsum originated from the cooperation with the American designer clothing brand Adsum, which operates in America, Germany and England, among others. DCB41-Adsum stands out with a completely satin white lacquered housing, magnetic front and a stand compared to the standard version. Technically and in terms of sound, the DCB41 and the DCB41-Adsum are identical.

Compact housing with high-quality drivers

The enclosure is built very rigidly. The S-shape bass reflex port at the rear also provides additional reinforcement. One of the speakers houses the amplifier unit, which needs to be connected to the other speaker via a supplied speaker cable. To ensure that the DCB41-ADsdum performs beyond expectations, a "long stroke" polypropylene woofer has been employed and a soft dome tweeter with a large waveguide for optimal dispersion.

Flexible connectivity with attention to detail

Actually, the DCB41-Adsum is a complete audio system. For audio streaming from smartphone, tablet or laptop, the Bluetooth aptX receiver can be used. A TV can be connected via the HDMI-ARC input, allowing volume control with the TV remote. An external source can be connected via the analog inputs, including even a record player. A game console can be connected via the digital optical input and a PC or MAC computer can be connected to the USB-B (24bit/96kHz), with which the volume can then also be controlled. The LED on the active speaker indicates the source selection in different colors. The intensity of the LED can be adjusted with the remote control. Turn the DCB41-Adsum into a complete streamer with all common streaming services, Internet radio and Airplay with the optional Advance Paris WTX microstream.

XBass, low-frequency reproduction according to personal preference

What is optimal bass reproduction for one person may not be for another. In addition, the acoustics and size of the room influence the low frequency response. Different requirements may also apply to different music sources. The requirements for game playback are different from those for music playback. For this reason ELAC has XBass bass amplification. XBass can be turned on/off via remote control and two amplification modes can be selected.


  • 2 x 50W Class D amplifier (low consumption)
  • HDMI-ARC for TV connection
  • USB-B for computer connection
  • Bluetooth aptX receiver
  • Optical digital input
  • Analogue/Phono MM input (switchable)