Edifier T5

Ensures that your subwoofer plays only those sounds that are too low to be reproduced correctly by your speakers without distortion. Complement the high and midrange of your speakers with bass you can really feel up to 38Hz.

8" Bass Driver with DSP

The 8" driver delivers 70W of powerful sound with rich, highly accurate bass to give you the best listening experience. Bass doesn't have to sound distorted and overdone. We designed the T5 to give everyone a pure listening experience.

Automatic standby

Save on electricity with the automatic standby feature that ensures the unit does not consume unnecessary power when not in use. So feel free to leave the T5 subwoofer on.

Lower enclosure resonance

Resonance is great if it's your room vibrating with bass, but not if it's your subwoofer enclosure vibrating due to poor design. We use high-quality medium density fiberboard (MDF) materials that offers reduced resonance of the sound box for the purest sound.

Adjustable bass and frequency bandwidth

Change the bass volume during playback with a convenient knob on the rear panel of the unit. An adjacent knob controls the frequency range of the subwoofer, allowing you to increase or decrease the frequency at which the sound is filtered.


  • 8" Speaker driver for bass without distortion.
  • Low pass filter with 38Hz frequency range
  • Reduced acoustic resonance thanks to the MDF enclosure
  • Automatic standby saves power
  • Adjustable bass and frequency bandwidth