Denon DP-400

Enjoy your favorite record collection or make the move to vinyl with this beautiful semi-automatic belt-driven Denon DP-400 record player. Operate the arm by hand and using the oil-damped lift to put the needle carefully on the record. When the record ends, the arm automatically returns to its starting position and the motor shuts off to spare your precious vinyl and needle.

Built-in RIAA amplifier

This turntable is equipped with a built-in RIAA amplifier. Do you have an amplifier with a built-in phono stage, then you switch it off, but if your amplifier has no dedicated phono input or if you use the record player with a set of active speakers, then you can use the built-in RIAA stage. Ideal for your first step into the magical world of vinyl.

Growing with you


Thanks to the S-shaped tone arm, the pre-installed MM cartridge offers a low harmonic distortion and a maximal channel separation. If you over time prefer a better sound quality, you can replace the stock MM cartridge with a high-grade Denon MC cartridge. The needle pressure and lateral pressure compensation of the tone arm can quickly be adjusted to the specs of the new cartridge.

Modern design

The DP-400 has a width of 41 centimeters and integrates seamlessly with Denon's Design Series and other third-party Hi-Fi sets. The dust cap is removable, preventing it from picking up sound causing annoying distortion. Removed, this dust cap can also be used as a cool display for vinyl albums.