CTOUCH Neo 55 inch

Using a touchscreen too complicated? Not anymore! Meet CTOUCH Neo, the most user-friendly touchscreen ever. Walk up to the screen, choose one of four options and start your session with just one touch. It's that easy!

The most user-friendly touchscreen in the world

Neo's highly intuitive interface offers a choice of four apps at startup. Start whiteboarding, wireless sharing, use the web browser or change the source, with just one touch. Throw away that manual, the Neo is as easy to use as a toaster!

The essence of whiteboarding

A ruler, a calculator, 50 different colored pens.... Do you really use all those options? If not, the CTOUCH Neo is the one! Choose between a pen or a marker and 6 colors to write with. Also included: an eraser, a selection tool and undo and redo buttons.

Easy wireless sharing

Connecting your laptop with a cable can be a hassle. Also for your wallet: it's very pricey when cables constantly get lost or break and need to be replaced. Wireless connection is the solution. The CTOUCH Neo has AirServer, which eliminates the need to install an additional app or clutter the conference room with cables. Use your device's native sharing software: Google Cast, Miracast or AirPlay and start sharing right away.

Excellent sound for video conferencing

The CTOUCH Neo has built-in JBL® speakers. The speakers deliver impressive sound even to the back of the room. Combined with the integrated microphone array, the CTOUCH Neo becomes a powerful solution for hybrid meetings and teaching.