Chord Electronics Qutest

The Qutest from Chord Electronics is Chord's stand-alone DAC solution and the successor of the highly acclaimed Chord 2Qute. This Chord Qutest is based on the award-winning Hugo 2 FPGA platform and delivers, not just in this price range, an exceptional performance.

This Chord Qutest is, unlike the Chord Mojo, not equipped with a headphone amplifier or battery. This makes this DAC very suitable for home use in a conventional Hi-Fi set. This Chord Qutest does, however, share the same robustly built and perfectly EMI / RFI shielded casing and offers the same recognizable design as its Chord family members.

Compact and full-featured

The Qutest DAC has an optical Toslink input (max. 24/96), two coaxial S/PDIF connections (max. 32/384) and a USB port (max. 32/768). For a jitter-free connection, Chord has fitted the coaxial inputs with high-grade BNC connectors. By using the typical large buttons on the front of the Qutest, you can select the desired digital input and, just like with the Hugo 2, choose the filtering that best suits your personal taste.

The analog RCA line output signal has an adjustable 1V, 2V and 3V RMS output voltage which makes this Qutest even easier to match with any type of amplifier. Use this Chord Qutest as a DAC addition to your existing Hi-Fi set, or use it as a high-quality DAC with dated digital source components such as a vintage CD player or a first generation network player.