Audeze LCD-5

LCD-5 is Audeze's new open-back over-ear Planar-Magnetic flagship model in the popular LCD series. These LCD-5 headphones feature a completely new developed driver which is built with an improved magnet system. Thanks to the many design innovations the weight is reduced by 300 grams, the wearing comfort is noticeably increased and the sound quality is greatly improved compared to the Audeze LCD-4.

One of the most striking visual changes is the absence of wood in the earcup design and the complete lack of screws, providing an even more fluid design. Audeze also made minor changes to the ear pads and headband, offering a more comfortable wearing experience. The most important change would be the 14 Ohm driver impedance which allows these headphones to better match a larger selection of headphone amplifiers.

All-new drivers

The most notable difference from its LCD predecessors is the use of a 90mm driver instead of the usual 106mm drivers in the LCD-2, 3 and 4. This new driver features Parallel Uniforce Voice Coils and are traditionally equipped with Audeze's Fazor Waveguides. These are now integrated into the earcups to more effectively reduce diffraction and adverse interactions. This has further reduced distortion levels and dramatically increased the midrange sound quality.

An ultra-thin nano-scale diaphragm and 14 powerful Neodymium N50 magnets in a single-side Fluxor Magnet Array provide better staging and, thanks to the increased distance between the magnet and the voice coil, a higher resolution and improved dynamics. This new lightweight flagship model from Audeze comes with a premium braided 6.3mm headphone cable, an aluminum storage case and a unique certificate of authenticity which further emphasizes its premium-grade nature.