Advance Paris X-CD1000 EVO

The X-CD1000 EVO is a tube CD player doubled with a Digital to Analog Converter (DAC).

It takes the excellent base of the X-CD1000 and adds coaxial (RCA) and optical (TOSLINK) digital inputs to allow you to connect other sources such as a Streamer, a Blu-Ray player...or any product with a digital output.

The analog outputs on RCA and XLR plugs use tubes for an unparalleled musicality, free of any digital aggressiveness.

As with all Advance Paris products, the X-CD1000 EVO is equipped with a particularly careful linear power supply based on a toroidal transformer.

The X-CD1000 EVO benefits from a very rigid chassis thanks to its mechanical design. Each circuit is separated from the others by a compartmentalized construction ensuring effective shielding. The CD mechanics is thus completely isolated from the other circuits of the product.

Also equipped with Coaxial (RCA), Optical (TOSLINK) and AES / EBU (XLR) digital outputs, the X-CD1000 EVO is a high-end CD player / Converter for your Hi-Fi system.