Advance Paris WTX-StreamTubes

What could be nicer than the sound of vinyls? this ability to make music more lively, less aggressive and truly «warmer». Achieving this result seemed possible to us by combining several technologies and design. That’s what we did! We have sought to obtain this sound from current dematerialized sources. After various prototypes, it turned out that the use of subminiature 5703 tubes was the ideal solution, so we designed a class A tube output stage which brought «the magic» of vinyl. The resulting sound reproduction is astounding, respecting the requirements of audiophiles and recalling the warm musicality that vinyl lovers cherish.

The WTX-StreamTubes is a WiFi or ethernet network player, it integrates many streaming services like Spotify, Qobuz, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon Music, etc., several thousand local, national and global radio stations via TuneIn or vTuner, the playback of your nightclub stored locally on your computer, smartphones, tablets or network drive (NAS). The StreamTubes is multiroom which allows it to send a different or identical audio source to each room. Airplay and DLNA compatible.

The WTX-StreamTubes has a proprietairy Bluetooth port. You will be able to connect our Bluetooth Direct Digital X-FTB01 or X-FTB02 HD dongle via its proprietary port. So enjoy the warmth of tube sound from your Bluetooth sources.