JBL SDA-7120

The JBL Synthesis SDA-7120 delivers seven channels of dynamic class G amplification with modern networking capability, audiophile sound and exceptional flexibility.

The JBL Synthesis SDA-7120 delivers seven channels of dynamic Class G amplification with modern network capability, audiophile sound and exceptional flexibility. With 100 watts per channel (all channels driven), 0.002% harmonic distortion balanced and single ended inputs, RS232 and IP control as well Dante™ audio networking, the SDA-7120 is a splendid choice for a broad range of applications.

Powerful and Dynamic

Class G amplification offers the best characteristics Class A and Class A/B designs. Conventional Class A designs do not suffer from crossover distortion and is exceptionally transparent offering a high level of realism. However, a solely Class A design is extremely inefficient as it will always be drawing full power even with no signal to amplify, for this reason, Class A amplifiers usually offer lower power output. Class AB design is much more common and far more efficient than pure Class A, but it suffers from crossover distortion at low levels which clouds spatial details and transparency.

Class G offers greater efficiency and transparency, with less wasted heat energy than class A. Like a hybrid car engine, Class G implements multiple power supplies rather than just a single supply. The first power supply is of lower power and within this region, the SDA-7120 runs in pure Class A, which has no crossover distortion. If a dynamic signal is received that goes beyond the capability of this first power supply, the secondary supply is gradually brought in up to full rated power output as required. This gives a very efficient design as additional power is only used when required. Modern high-speed silicon allows us the make this switch at speeds well beyond the audio bandwidth.


The SDA-7120 features Dante™ audio networking so you can connect with the JBL Synthesis SDR-35 AVR and SDP-55 immersive surround sound processor as well as other Dante-enabled products over Ethernet-based networks via a Cat5e or Cat 6 cable. Dante audio networking uses a standard IP network to transmit high-quality, uncompressed multi-channel audio with near-zero latency. It's the most flexible, reliable, and easy-to-manage audio networking solution available, and provides the lowest cost of ownership by dramatically reducing cabling and labor costs as well as eliminating issues with interference, crosstalk and signal degradation associated with analog cable. The SDA-7120 is capable of receiving high-resolution audio via Dante. Signal routing and system configuration with Dante is fast, simple, and incredibly flexible. Once the network is configured, signal routing and other system settings are stored safely in the Dante devices themselves, so they are automatically restored if a device is power-cycled.

  • Dynamic Class G amplification
  • Dante™ audio networking
  • 100 watts @8 Ohms with seven channels driven
  • Balanced and single ended inputs
  • Trigger in and out
  • Ethernet, RS232 control