Bowers & Wilkins 603

Prijs per stuk.

Het vlaggenschip en de grootste luidspreker in deze serie blinkt uit in geluid door de Decoupled Double Dome-tweeter, een FST drive-unit die gebruik maakt van de Continuum Cone plus twee basdrivers met papieren conus.

Awards & Reviews

De Bowers & Wilkins 603 is door What Hi-Fi? bekroond met 5 sterren!

“A supremely talented pair of speakers you can’t help but admire, the B&W 603s are up there with the best at this kind of money.” Lees hier de uitgebreide review.

EISA Award voor beste Luidspreker 2019-2020

Volgens de EISA jury;
The Bowers & Wilkins 600 Series has set the standard in affordable speakers for decades, and this latest version is its best yet. That’s especially true of the floorstanding 603, which offers a striking combination of performance and value for money, thanks to technology trickled down from the flagship 800 Series Diamond speakers and a range that’s rationalised down to just the essentials. The ‘Decoupled Double Dome’ tweeter and ‘Continuum Cone’ midrange give the speaker detail, focus and presence, while twin bass drivers with ‘Flowport’ tuning ensure the sound is always rich and dramatic. This is a surprisingly advanced speaker design for the money.