Yamaha YVC-200

This small and stylish Yamaha YVC-200 enables you to work out of your home with the same ease as while attending in the office. Make hands-free phone calls, make crystal clear conference calls, talk to your colleagues at home or have an effective day start with your teams spread over different locations. Easily connect the speakerphone to your phone through Bluetooth or USB. With NFC-enabled phones the YVC-200 supports fast pairing so you're up and running even sooner, wherever you might set-up a temporal office.

Premium sound quality

Yamaha's sound engineers played a major role in the development of this YVC-200. They provided the speakerphone with Adaptive Echo and Noise Reduction so that the full-duplex conversions are always clean and clear. In addition, the Yamaha engineers equipped the Yamaha with 360-degree microphones, Automatic Gain Control and Human Voice Activity Detection that allows the speakerphone to determine differences between voice and noise. With this, even whisper-smooth voices are always clearly audible on the far end of the line.

Versatile piece of gear

This YVC-200 works with your application of choice. When confidentiality is desired, simply plug in a headset or headset. The compact design makes this YVC-200 perfect for use on-the-go. The built-in battery has a capacity of more than 10 hours, so even during active use you don't have to charge it daily. With this portable USB and Bluetooth speakerphone from Yamaha, you can conduct all important conversations in perfect sound quality and be as productive as in the office.