Yamaha WS-B1A

Truly remarkable sound, right beside you - anywhere. Using Yamaha’s extensive knowledge of Hi-Fi quality, we’ve weaved our sonic expertise into this mini-scale 10 cm package, allowing your music to fit fully into your life - whether you’re listening casually or completely immersing yourself in the sonic power and detail.

Advanced engineering

The size of the WS-B1A is small, but its expressive range is huge. To bring this compact and stylish speaker to life, we’ve completely shifted our design paradigm and loaded the high-quality sound of a full-fledged speaker that Yamaha is renowned for into a compact design.

Stylish design

Bring True Sound into your intimate circle. Special fabric lets the sound through. A design that enhances any interior, with colors that lend light and warmth to your space, wherever you take it.

Be yourself. It's your choice.

Go with what you like. Basic Black that’s both chic and cool, Carbon Grey with rose gold accents, or Light Gray for blending well in bright spaces. Choose the color that suits you best.

Waterproof design and clear voice in any situation

The WS-B1A is built to strong IP67 grade waterproof performance, and allows you to play your music clearly anywhere, anytime – even where it’s wet.