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Yamaha True X-Speaker 1A (WS-X1A)

The entire system of True X bars and True X speakers, which form one powerful combination, provides amazing surround sound that transforms your listening environment at the touch of a button. This is the unique True X Surround wireless surround system.

Immersive and flexible surround sound

If you think you knew what a home theater was, you're wrong. Enjoy your favorite movies and music with the freedom of easy placement. You connect the True X bars wirelessly to the surround True X speakers, which you can place anywhere in your room. Give your sound freedom.

Ultimate portability

Portable. Flexible. Rechargeable. The True X speakers also work as portable Bluetooth® speakers. Press the Solo button and take your music anywhere.

Handheld powerhouse

Fantastic sound, just next to you, and everywhere! At Yamaha, we know all about hi-fi quality. We've put all our knowledge of sound into this tiny 10 cm housing. So music fits optimally into your life. Whether you just want to listen to music or immerse yourself in sound power and detail.

Advanced technology

The size is small, but the sound range is huge. Wanting to create a compact and cool speaker, we completely revised our design and put the high-quality sound of a large speaker into this small enclosure.

Stylish Design.

True Sound for your private environment. With this special material that lets all the sound through, a design that beautifies any interior and colors that add light and warmth to your space. We put all our expertise into this speaker so you can listen to music anywhere.

Be yourself. The choice is yours.

Choose what you like. Chic and cool Basic Black, Carbon Grey with stylish gold accents or Light Gray for bright spaces. Choose the color that suits you best.

Clear voice function

In a noisy environment or if it is simply difficult to hear the dialogue in a movie, the Clear Voice function ensures that you can hear vocals and speech clearly.


  • True X Surround (separately sold True X bars require True X Surround content playback).
  • Bluetooth®
  • IP67 rated (water and dust resistant)
  • 1 speaker unit of 55 mm
  • Battery charging via USB Type-C connection
  • Up to 12 hours of playback on a full battery (approximately 3 hours)
  • 88 x 105 x 88 mm (W x H x D)
  • Wall mount possible with recess for general screw with coarse thread

Awards & Reviews

EISA Award Best Soundbar System 2023-2024

"A home theatre system of impressive flexibility, Yamaha’s True X combines the SR-X40A soundbar, SW-X100A subwoofer and WS-X1A surround speakers, all connecting to each other wirelessly for a slick, authentic 3D audio experience. Whether crafting immersive soundscapes from Atmos movie soundtracks or games, or playing music, the performance always captivates with its energy, detail and precise soundstaging. The fabric-wrapped enclosures are on-trend, as is the system’s provision of control via remote, app, or voice through its in-built Alexa microphone. And there’s another trick up this system’s sleeve – both rears can operate in solo mode as fully portable (and waterproof) Bluetooth speakers. For Yamaha, X really does mark the spot."