Vogel's THIN 505 ExtraThin Fixed TV Wall Mount

The Vogel's THIN 505 ExtraThin Fixed TV Wall Mount is suitable for 40 to 65 inch televisions with a maximum weight of 40 kg.

The thinnest TV wall mounts of them all

  • Mount your TV only 1,5 cm from the wall
  • Install your mount perfectly level: spirit level included!
  • The service positioning allows easy access to cables

Almost invisible

If you buy an ultra-slim television, of course you want it to really hang flat on the wall. With Vogel's THIN FLAT TV bracket you can affix your television at only 15 millimetres from the wall. It looks just like you have not even used a wall bracket, almost invisible!

Ideal for busy rooms, or where space is restricted, because there are no moving or protruding parts.

Always straight thanks to the built-in spirit level

Almost every television, from 26 to 65 inch, fits on a THIN wall bracket. And installing is very simple. The THIN has a built-in spirit level so you always hang the TV bracket absolutely straight. Easy, and takes no time at all!