Ubiquiti Unifi Video Camera Dome

Unifi Video Camera Dome of Ubiquiti Unifi is part of the video surveillance management system. The UVC Dome record day and night 720p HD video at 30FPS indoors and outdoors with the special wide-angle lens.

Unifi Video Camera Dome contains built-in infrared LEDs with automatic IR-cut filter for day and night surveillance. Unifi Video Camera Dome also has a 1.96 mm / F2.0 lens and a 1/4 "CMOS sensor.

High-Resolution Performance

The UniFi®Video provides Camera Dome 720p HD resolution at 30 FPS.

Versatile Day or Night Mode

Great for day or night surveillance UniFi®Video Camera Dome includes infrared LEDs with automatic IR cut filter.

Robust Industrial Design

Featuring a durable enclosure UniFi®Video Camera Dome is designed for use indoors or outdoors under an overhang.

Convenient Mounting

The UniFi®Video camera Dome can be quickly mounted on a wall or ceiling pole.

Powered by Unifi Video

The cloud-connected Unifi NVR Video Provides advanced multi-camera system, streaming and management.