Ubiquiti AmpliFi Alien Router

Specially for consumers who demand more from their Wi-Fi network than is currently possible, Ubiquiti has expanded its range with the blazing fast AmpliFi Alien router. With the latest 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 technology, this AmpliFi Alien delivers a four times better network performance, twice as much Wi-Fi coverage and reaches speeds up to 6 GHz thanks to Wi-Fi 6! Simply connect this router to your internet provider's modem and stream all your content at the speed of light.

Easy to configure

The AmpliFi models are specifically designed for home use. This means that AmpliFi solutions are easy to install, independently build a stable MESH network with multiple AmpliFi devices. The AmpliFi Alien can therefore be used as a stand-alone router or you can add an unlimited number of Alien Routers as MeshPoints to further extend the Wi-Fi range. The router features four Gigabit ports to which you can easily connect a switch, NAS or another wired network device.

High performance

Whether you spend all your free time on online gaming tournaments with your friends, to play your high-res music collection in DSD format or watch the latest movies and TV series from Netflix, Amazon or Disney in 4K resolution from different locations simultaneous in the house, this AmpliFi Alien router streams all forms of entertainment with unearthly high speeds.

Easy and secure

AmpliFi solutions are easy to use and, compared to the more professional UniFi series, look seriously posh. This AmpliFi Alien makes no exception. This router can be controlled both with Ubiquiti's AmpliFi app and the bright touchscreen on the router itself. The AmpliFi Alien is equipped with AmpliFi Teleport, which is a configuration-free VPN solution which allows you to stay securely online outside your home and access all your local content from home in hotel rooms around the world. With this Alien Router, for the Internet you are always at home.