Fibaro The Button works with Apple HomeKit

Fibaro The Button is a controller which can recognize up to 3 simple actions – a single click, a double-click, or holding The Button down. Depending on what its user presses, The Button sends a signal to the smart home system that triggers a predefined sequence. For example, a single click could turn the lights on in the hallway, in the kitchen and start playing music, and a double-click could be programmed to roll down the blinds in certain rooms around the house.

The Button allows for much simpler and easier smart home management. The unique and intuitive way in which users interact with the device gives it a multitude of practical applications. The Button is user-friendly and child-safe, so even children get to enjoy using it.

The Button has no additional cables, and despite being battery-operated, its low energy consumption ensures that the device has a very long life cycle. Due to its exceptionally small size – just 34mm in height and 46mm in diameter – the Button takes up very little space and can be mounted practically anywhere.

What’s more, The Button is both compact and versatile, which means that it can be installed almost everywhere. For example, it can be fitted by the front door, allowing users to make sure that their homes are secured before going out. With just a single click, users could roll down all the window blinds, turn off all the lights and arm their house alarm system, saving them a lot of time when it comes to daily routines.