System Audio Stereo Hub

This System Audio WiSA Stereo Hub transforms your System Audio Silverback loudspeakers into a powerful wireless sound system. Thanks to the built-in WiSA technology in the Silverback models they can be wirelessly connected to the Stereo Hub. This versatile Stereo Hub adds most convenient features to your Silverback loudspeakers.

Preamplifier functions

With this System Audio Stereo Hub you’ll add an analogue (RCA) line input, an HDMI (ARC) input, three optical, a coaxial digital and a USB audio input. Easily connect a turntable, game console, television set or digital audio source. With the supplied remote you control the volume and quickly select the desired input. All settings are clearly displayed with illuminated LEDs on the remote control itself. With this, this Stereo Hub serves as a highly functional preamplifier with a built-in DAC.

Streaming Hub

In addition to the extra analogue and digital inputs, this Stereo Hub adds Spotify Connect, Internet radio (through Google Chromecast), Apple Airplay, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functionality. This System Audio Stereo Hub acts as a central hub for all streaming audio purposes. Easily stream music from your favorite smartphone app to the Stereo Hub or stream highres music files with a maximum resolution of 24 bit and 192kHz from a music server or NAS. Thanks to the built-in UPnP DLNA support, you can play your favorite music in a perfect highres sound quality.

SA Room Service (coming soon)

Because the bass frequencies are the most difficult to reproduce accurately in most living rooms, System Audio has developed its proprietary room correction technology. Using an Apple iPhone 6+ and later models, this SA Room Service automatically adjusts the frequency range between 10Hz and 1kHz to the room acoustics. It only takes a minute to measure and calibrate the bass response allowing you to experience your favorite music with a perfect balanced low-end frequency response. This additional SA Room Service functionality is not yet available and is expected as of the third quarter of 2020.