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System Audio SA Saxo 40

Big sound without big speakers

You love great sound, but not big speakers. That’s why you choose SA saxo 40. It sounds overwhelming and it does’nt fill the living room.

SA saxo 40 is a loudspeaker in a new format. It’s smaller than a regular floor-standing speaker, but the sound is surprisingly big thanks to a whole new type of bass speaker that does not require a large cabinet. Another reason for the big sound is the patented acoustic DXT lens that effectively fills the living room with sound. Use SA saxo 40 in a good music system (min. 30 watts) and get incredible musical experiences with all kinds of music. The new SA saxo 40 bass speakers are developed on the experiences that led to the pandion family and you should have great expectations. It’s a surprising loudspeaker that sounds far bigger than it is.