System Audio Saxo 40 (per pair)

If you prefer a huge, most dynamic and high-quality sound experience, but you are not fond of man-sized loudspeakers in your living room, then this System Audio Saxo 40 is a loudspeaker you really need to check for yourself. This 2-way floor standing bass-reflex loudspeaker features a double woofer and delivers a powerful, well-defined bass. The frequency range starts as low as 40Hz, goes all the way up to 25kHz (+/-3dB) and is capable of a maximum load of 135 Watts which is plenty for larger rooms.

Whether you like electronic music, dance, trance or rock, these speakers will surprise you with its fast, lively and dynamic nature. With this System Audio Saxo 40 loudspeakers you’ll even enjoy the tiniest of nuances and details in music. With these modest sized loudspeakers, you won’t just listen to that music album; you'll be immersed in music and will experience it with an unparalleled involvement.