System Audio Saxo 10 (per piece)

This compact designed 2-way System Audio Saxo 10 bookshelf speaker is designed with a midwoofer-tweeter-midwoofer (MTM) configuration. Because of this symmetrical D’Appolito configuration, the Saxo 10 delivers a very spacious soundstage and an unparalleled midrange definition. Due to the wide and mostly horizontal dispersion pattern, with this type of loudspeaker the soundstage is not affected by undesired room reflections caused by (lower) ceilings or flat floor surfaces.

Stereo and surround

This loudspeaker can also be placed on its side, making it ideally suited as a center loudspeaker in surround sets. The frequency response is 45Hz up to 25kHz (+/-3dB) and is capable of a maximum load of 120 Watts. This makes this speaker most suitable for front and rear speakers in a surround environment. Whether you like music or movies, with these System Audio Saxo 10 speakers you won't miss any detail.