Order System Audio SA Legend 40 Silverback speakers including WiSA Hub and Remote Control now from €5698, - for €5398, -!

System Audio Legend 40 Silverback (per pair)

The System Audio Legend 40 Silverback is an active 4-way loudspeaker with a triple woofer design and built-in WiSA technology. This modest sized floor standing speaker delivers a great, spacious soundstage and solid bass. These closed cabinet loudspeakers are fitted with four energy efficient class-D amplifiers and DSP, deliver an output power of 300 watts per channel and offer a frequency response from 20Hz up to 25kHz. This makes these speakers perfect for use in a stereo or surround setup. By applying an optional System Audio WiSA Stereo Hub you easily transform these active loudspeakers into a powerful wireless sound system.

Balanced or wireless through WiSA

These active speakers are easily connected to a WiSA music source or to a television set in which WiSA technology has been implemented. In addition to WiSA, these floor-standing speakers can also be connected with a balanced (XLR) cable. Connect these active speakers directly to a preamplifier or to a music streamer with a built-in preamplifier function. Amaze yourself about the speed, precision and dynamics with which this Legend 40 Silverback loudspeaker reproduces your favorite music albums. It's not without reason that System Audio's loudspeakers are praised by many musicians and music enthusiasts worldwide.