Outlet: Demo model. Speaker is as new. Delivery with original box, accessories and warranty.

System Audio Legend 10 Silverback (per piece)

This System Audio Legend 10 Silverback is an active 3-way bass reflex bookshelf speaker with built-in WiSA technology. Due to the D'Appolito configuration, this loudspeaker delivers a music reproduction with a delicately defined midrange and a powerful bass. This type of loudspeaker has a wide horizontal dispersion pattern and suffers of less interference caused by floor- and ceiling reflections.

For stereo and surround

This compact speaker is equipped with three energy efficient class-D amplifiers and delivers a stunning output power of 225 watts. By use of DSP this speaker covers a broad frequency range from 35Hz up to 25kHz. This makes these speakers perfect for use as stereo loudspeakers in your living room and as surround loudspeakers. This loudspeaker can also be placed horizontally to act as a premium-quality center speaker in a surround setup.


Combination with an optionally available System Audio WiSA Stereo Hub you can configure a powerful wireless music system in the blink of an eye or simply connect these active speakers to a WiSA music source or to a television in which WiSA technology is implemented. In addition to WiSA, this compact bookshelf speakers can also be connected with a balanced (XLR) cable. Whether you like music or movies, with these System Audio Legend 10 Silverback speakers you won’t miss a detail.