SOtM sPS-500

The SOtM sPS-500 is a premium class power supply unit that is specially designed for use in the (highend) audio chain. This power supply filters out all mains pollution and converts it into a clean and stable direct current. Due to the supply of clean current to an audio component, it will produce much less noise and distortion, providing a more open, spacious and dynamic sound experience.

This power supply has a switchable output voltage ranging from 7V, 9V, 12V and 19V DC, making it suitable for multiple applications. Use this power supply e.g. with SOtM's audiophile sNH-10G network switch, or with another external DC powered network or audio component in the audio chain.

This SOtM sPS-500 power supply comes standard with a 'normal' mains cable and a good quality copper DC cable with a length of 30 centimeters. Would you like to receive a mains y-cable or a DC cable with a longer length, made of 7NUPOCC copper or even silver? Then please contact us.