Sony PHA-1A

The portable amp that improves the sound from digital sources

Enjoy improved sound from most any digital source by sending the signal through the PHA-1A. Breathe new life into your collection of audio files, and fully appreciate the advantages of High-Resolution Audio. Just plug-in and let the PHA-1A do its magic, as you relax and rediscover your music.

Made for High-Resolution Audio

For a quality High-Resolution Audio experience, the PHA-1A supports asynchronous transfer to reduce noise and allows even 192kHz/24bit content to be enjoyed fully.

Hear the difference

The PHA-1A offers an audio experience beyond what’s usually possible with the built-in digital-to-analogue converter in a smartphone, iPhone/iPod, or PC.

Superior conversion, purer sound

A combination of quality components provides superior conversion of the digital source to a pure, high quality audible signal.

Shut out the noise

The aluminium casing of the PHA-1A offers shielding from noise and interference that can adversely affect sound quality.

Small, light and durable

Be ready for anywhere with a compact, lightweight design that won’t weigh you down. Its rugged aluminium case protects from everyday knocks and shocks.

Go lightly

Small and light at about 150 grams for taking around in a bag or pocket.

Carry easily

A silicone band makes carrying with your Walkman, Xperia or iPhone easy.

Listen for hours

Play music for up to 6 hours when connected digitally.

Ready to go

Comes with cables for Apple players, Walkman, a micro & standard USB and silicone band.