Sony NW-A100TPS Walkman 40th Anniversary Limited Edition

With High-Resolution Audio and colours to suit your lifestyle, the NW-A100 with Android™ lets you enjoy your favourite streaming and music apps right on your Walkman® – or you can connect to your PC to access your music collection. Listening to your favourite sounds has never been easier.

  • Bring harmony into your life with the colours of the h.ear range
  • High-Resolution Audio compatible
  • S-Master HX™ digital amplifier for pure sound quality
  • DSEE HX Al analyses song type and restores compressed audio files
  • Use Wi-Fi to stream and download music with your favourite Android™ apps

Walkman 40th Anniversary Package

To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the ground-breaking TPS-L2 Walkman, Sony’s first portable cassette player, they've created an exclusive 40th Anniversary Walkman Package.

Step back in time with the TPS-L2 soft case

A fun addition to the Walkman 40th Anniversary Package, this special soft case not only helps protect your NW-A100 Walkman from dust and scratches – it also makes it look like the TPS-L2, the original Walkman® from 1979. Especially when combined with the Cassette Tape UI.

What's in the box

The box is based on the original TPS-L2 packaging, inside you’ll find an NW-A100 Walkman, complete with 40th Anniversary logo on the back, alongside a special soft case styled on the iconic TPS-L2 itself. Two Walkman 40th Anniversary sticker sheets are also included.

Cassette Tape UI

As a playful nod to the iconic TPS-L2, the NW-A100 features a special Cassette Tape user interface and screensaver. The cassette tape visual that appears on your Walkman® display varies depending on the codec of the music you’re listening to.