Sony KD-55A89

Are you up to find a beautiful 4K UHD HDR television with a superior picture quality and beautiful design, this Sony KD-55A89 is an OLED TV that will make you most happy. Thanks to the Slim One Slate design metal frame with minimal screen edges and a clean stand, this Android Smart TV fits into any interior. The Sony Bravia 4K UHD OLED supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos for the best possible entertainment experience in your living room.

Class leader in sound and vision

This television set delivers a stunning picture quality with perfect blacks, a wide viewing angle and due to Pixel Contrast Booster it delivers beautiful vivid colors. Do you watch films and series through Netflix? This Sony Bravia TV has Netflix Calibrated Mode which allows you to experience Netflix content in the same quality as the filmmakers at your home. The Sony KD-55A89 is also suitable for use with CalMAN calibration software by Portrait Displays. After calibration this TV provides the best possible picture quality with most realistic colors. This makes this Sony OLED ideal for use in design studios or for professional use.

Acoustic Surface Audio

The sound quality of this Sony OLED is unsurpassed. The actual loudspeakers are mounted behind the 55 inch panel, providing an impressive dynamic sound without sacrificing the total thickness of the bezel. By applying Ambient Optimization, this Sony Bravia 4K UHD OLED automatically adjusts the image and sound regardless its placement. Just place it where it best suits your lifestyle and enjoy the entertainment with the best possible sound and image.

Sophisticated and smart

The Sony Bravia smart TV works with ChromeCast, Google Home, Apple AirPlay and Apple HomeKit. Integrate the television quickly and easily in a smart home environment and stream content wirelessly from an Android or iOS device to the big screen. Sony also implemented Voice Search so easily ask the TV to find your favorite Netflix series for you. The television set comes with a beautiful slim remote control. With this remote you control all devices connected to the TV. The best of all? It is fitted with a clever backlight, so it glows in the dark.