Sivga P-II

Please allow us to introduce Sivga Audio, one of the newcomers in our headphone range. The P-II over-ear open-back headphones by Sivga Audio feature OVT Planar drivers with large 97 x 67mm nano composite diaphragms that reproduce music with great transparency, airiness and with an incredible high resolution. The headphone cable is equipped with a 4.4mm connector and can be driven in balanced mode. For use with single-ended sources Sivga also supplies a convenient 3.5mm jack adapter.

These Planar-Magnetic headphones are entirely made by hand, offer a beautiful design with solid black-walnut ear-cups and are structurally very well-built. The materials used for the bracket construction, the headband and ear-cups are selected for a long lifespan. This also provides a premium look and a most relaxing wearing comfort.

With these headphones, no detail or nuance in the music is lost. The midrange is clearly defined, and the top-end is very much alive. The bottom-end provides a nice punch with which these headphones sound most musical. With this low-end punch these headphones provide just that little bit of extra body and warmth to endlessly listen to your favourite artists.