Shure SRH440

These affordable Shure SRH440 closed-back over-ear headphones offer an excellent ratio between price and performance. Due to the closed-back design, these headphones attenuate a large part of the ambient noise, allowing you to experience a most accurate music reproduction whether you use the headphones indoors or in an outdoor environment.

Highly comfortable

Due to the excellent sound quality and premium wearing comfort, Shure has built an excellent reputation in the professional audio industry and is widely used in sound studios around the world. The Shure SRH440 is fitted with a soft headband and soft cushions on the ear cups, so you can wear these comfortable headphones for hours on end.

For professionals and home use

The driver impedance, sensitivity and timbre are optimally tuned for use with pro audio gear such as a DJ set, sound mixing equipment or with a headphones amplifier. This makes the SRH440 not only suitable for home use but also for use in the (home) studio or for sound monitoring while filming on location. If you want to store these headphones after on-the-go use, you can easily fold them in and store them inside a protective pouch and safely put them away in your (camera) bag.