Shanling ME80

The ME80 is a great sounding in-ear headphone by audio manufacturer Shanling. Shanling belongs to one of the newcomers in the Head-Fi market and directly presents itself with high-quality audio solutions offering an unprecedented ratio between price and performance. It’s no surprise that this brand has been noticed almost immediately after its entry in the market by many music enthusiasts worldwide.

For and by music lovers

The Shanling ME80 has been developed, tuned and tested by Shanling's most precise sound engineers with over 32 years of Hi-Fi experience. The technicians have developed a third generation 10mm Dynamic Driver featuring a featherweight Nano composite diaphragm to ensure that all transients in music are correctly reproduced. This driver delivers a beautiful and well-defined midrange, silky soft highs and deep basses.

High-quality look and feel

The casings of the ME80 in-ear headphones are machined out of high-grade aluminum, then sandblasted for a chic and timeless shape and anodized to provide these earphones with a most elegant titanium look. In addition to its looks, the casings are up to 25% more compact than Shanling's previous in-ear models, making them even more comfortable to wear. Moreover, the housing is rigid, robust and insensitive to resonances. This all has a positive effect on the sound quality.

Suitable for any use

The impedance of the drivers is 16 Ohms and the sensitivity is 111 decibels (+/- 3 dB). This means these headphones can be perfectly combined with your smartphone, music or multimedia player. The frequency span ranges from 20Hz to 40kHz enabling you to enjoy highres sound files in the best possible sound quality. Finally, the Silver Plated MMCX headphones cable contributes to an extremely open and most detailed sound.

The headphones come with a detachable 3.5mm MMCX headphones cable with a length of 1.3 meters and several tips of different materials in the sizes S, M and L. Furthermore Shanling supplies a compact and beautifully shaped carrying case in which you can safely store the headphones after use.