Shanling ME500

Triple driver hybrid earphones

The Shanling ME500 is a high-quality High-Res certified in-ear monitor with a comfortable over-the-ear design. The beautifully designed ear-pieces of these ME500 headphones are made of high-quality brass. The exterior of the shell is coated with multiple coatings that provides a beautiful premium look and also withstand harsher use and humid weather conditions outdoors.

Premium sound quality

Shanling has equipped this ME500 with a 10mm Dynamic Driver featuring a nano-composite diaphragm with a double magnet for superior bass reproduction. The middle and high are provided by a TWFK-30017 Dual Balanced Armature driver from Knowles. With this, the ME500 delivers a well defined midrange and a nicely detailed high. The result is fast and vivid music playback with a powerful layer. This makes this Shanling ME500 one of the best sounding in-ears in its class.

These Shanling headphones come with a silver-plated Octa-Core OFC headphone cable and can be switched effortlessly with any high quality headphone cable equipped with MMCX connectors. For an optimal fit, the manufacturer also offers a wide range of earplugs and a protective metal storage box with a premium look. If you're wondering how these in-ear monitors perform with your smartphone or High-Res music player, order this ME500 quickly online via the Wifimedia webshop and enjoy your favourite music like never before.