Shanling ME100

The Shanling ME100 is a closed High-Res certified in-ear monitor with an over-the-ear design. This makes the wearing comfort excellent and the in-ears do not fall out while running. Shanling ME100 features a 10mm Dynamic Driver with a nano-composite diaphragm and delivers fast and vibrant music playback with a powerful layer and is one of the best-sounding in-ears in its class.

The ear-pieces are made of high quality aluminium, making the ME100 ideal for outdoor use. The headphones come with a detachable Octa-Core OFC cable and can be easily swapped with any high-quality headphone cable with MMCX connectors. For an optimal fit, the manufacturer offers a wide range of earplugs and a protective leather carrying case for when you're on the go. If you're wondering how these in-ear monitors perform with your smartphone or High-Res music player, order this ME100 quickly online via the Wifimedia webshop and enjoy your favourite music as you've never heard it before.

More info on the website of the manufacturer.