Shanling M0

The Shanling M0 is one of the smallest and most complete High-Res certified music players on the market. With its handy and solid housing, this music player is ideally suited for runners, travelers and music lovers with an active outdoor lifestyle. With the built-in battery you can enjoy your favorite music for up to 15 hours.

Multi functional

Despite its small form factor, this Shanling M0 is full of smart functionalities. The built-in sd-card slot allows you to quickly transfer your music library to the player. If you want to copy music directly from the PC to the M0, you can easily do so via the USB port. In addition to being a music player, the Shanling has extensive streaming capabilities. The Shanling M0 can send music wirelessly via Bluetooth to another audio device. If you would like to stream music from your smartphone to the Shanling M0, this is also possible. Finally, the M0 can be used as a USB DAC for your notebook, smartphone or PC.

Sound quality

In addition to high functionality, the player delivers surprisingly good sound quality and you can connect almost any headphone to the music player. With or without cable. The Shanling M0 plays almost all music files and resolutions gapless in perfect sound quality. Whether you like to listen to an audio book in mp3 format or you want to enjoy high-res music up to 32bit/384kHz or DSD4x, the Shanling M0 does it without hesitation. Just about everything is also configurable to your liking. From the look and feel of the user interface, the gain-level, equalizer to the advanced filter settings of the ESS Sabre ES ES9218P DAC.

Look and feel

The housing of the Shanling M0 shows similarities with the previous iPod Nano generation. The user interface also looks and feels very familiar. However, the Shanling M0 has much more functionality, greater ease of use and higher performance. The Shanling is an excellent candidate to replace the old iPod.

Are you looking for an excellent performing music player that can handle any music format, both can serve as a streamer, DAC and headphone amplifier and also has a phenomenal price-performance ratio, then the Shanling M0 is a very interesting candidate. Curious how the Shanling performs with your headphones? Order it quickly online or feel free to contact our store. We would like to make an appointment with you to try out the Shanling M0 with us.