Shanling AE3

The AE3 is Shanling's Hi-Res Audio certified Triple Balanced Armature in-ear headphones. During development the AE3 the manufacturer used the same high quality production methods as with its flagship in-ear models. The driver impedance is 26 Ohm and the sensitivity 110dB. This makes these in-ear monitors easy to drive with virtually any smartphone or music player.

Sound quality

For the best possible sound experience, the manufacturer applied premium BA drivers from the Danish driver manufacturer Sonion. Sonion has been making drivers for earphones for over four decades and is used by many highly respected audio manufacturers. Shanling has constructed separate sound channels in the earbuds for the bass and mid-high frequencies. These channels have a different length and are precisely angled for perfect timing and phase behaviour. The frequency response of this Shanling AE3 ranges from 20Hz to 40kHz, so you will experience even the most subtle details in the music.

3D printing technique

By using 3D printing technology, the wearing comfort of these in-ear monitors is unequalled. The faceplates of the earbuds are made of carefully prepared wood that are applied with many coats of high gloss polished lacquers providing a premium appearance. The blue colour of the earbuds and the wood grain of the faceplates have a strong resemblance with paintings by Vincent van Gogh and provide a unique appearance.

Attention to detail

These premium in-ear monitors come with a 3.5mm Quad-Core silver plated OFC headphone cable with a 2-pin connector. Thanks to this cable, the headphones deliver dynamic and well-controlled sound with sparkling detail. For the ultimate fit, the headphones come with two sets of tips of different materials in sizes L, M and S. In addition, Shanling provides a matching blue storage pouch to store them safely when you're not able to wear them for a while.