Business Orders


You're welcome to order with a CoC number and receive product advice for any business solution.

Some examples are:

Wi-Fi, Camera and Audio Solutions, for your Store, Restaurant or Camping.

Should you wish to receive a quatation that fits your company needs then please contact us and we will strive to reply within 24 hours.

Installation & Support

We can install a product on site. The installation team of Wifimedia consists of professional staff with knowledge and experience.

For example we offer installationservices for TV's, speakers, Wi-Fi systems or NAS devices.

We can also provide remote support on the phone if necessary.


Wifimedia has its own technical support staff. Therefore, we can also repair most products and replace them if necessary. As a business you rely on many products, therefor it is important that the handling of a repair is quick as possible.

Obviously Wifimedia can not always repair a product but we will offer a new product or alternative for a right price.