Sendy Audio Apollo

Sendy Audio Apollo are over-ear open-back Planar Magnetic headphones with a beautiful design. These highly engineered headphones are fitted with earcups crafted out of real wood and, thanks to the ergonomic goat leather headband and memory foam ear pads, rest extremely comfortably on your head.

Quad-Former Technology

Apollo features Quad-Former Planar drivers with which you experience music with even lower distortion figures and, above all, more musicality. With this newly developed driver these headphones deliver a well-controlled bass and deliver a beautiful low-end punch. Thanks to the ultra-thin and feather-light diaphragm, midrange and top-end are lively and most delightful. These headphones allow you to experience all that was previously buried in the background of your favourite music.

High grade and well equipped

Sendy Audio Apollo comes with a braided 6N copper headphone cable and is equipped with a balanced 4.4mm jack plug. Thanks to the detachable design, the cabling can easily be replaced. The headphones are shipped with a 4.4mm to 3.5mm jack adapter enabling both music on the go with a portable music player and in your comfortable listening chair with your sound system at home. After a day of intensive use, the headphones and accessories can be safely stored in the included leather hard case.

Awards & Reviews 4 / 5 Stars

"We hebben erg genoten van de Sendy Audio Apollo. Het open-back karakter en het realisme van geluid omarmen we van harte." Full Review (Dutch)