SBooster Vbus2 Isolator

The Sbooster Vbus2 is the perfect addition to USB-tweaks like the UpTone Audio Regen. The Sbooster Vbus2 also improves the USB-chain when you have upgraded your DAC or SPDIF convertor with USB B power supply solutions like the Sbooster BOTWS USB B or the AQVOX USB PSU.

The Vbus isolator disables the polluted power from the host PC/streamer, therefor it only works with USB audio devices, that do not need power from the host PC or streamer to operate.

The Vbus2 is not compatible with following USB tweaks:

  • Wyred 4 Sound Recovery USB reclocker
  • Intona High Speed USB Isolator

Sbooster Vbus2 Isolator compatibility list click here.